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Graphic facilitation and visual recording are visual thinking techniques that make conversations memorable, help keep track of the skein, and, in turn, generate a visual report in real time. In practice, the panels facilitate dialogue and record the essence of what is said in texts and images.

About the Ideologias

Ideologias de Varal aims to democratize Design and Graphic Facilitation as a tool for autonomy and political engagement. We focus our work facilitating concepts, flows and ideas for traditional communities and indigenous peoples. We work with the concept of “facilitation foot on the floor”, we bring design, colors and flows for clothes to deep Brazil.

Graphic Facilitation 'Foot on the Floor'

We work with the symbolic systems of the communities and peoples that we will interact with. Our precept is that the graphic facilitation dialogue not only with the content, concepts and flows, but also with the public and their worlds. We like people to recognize each other in the panels and drawings and that the images help them connect contents and discussions with their world reality.

We put our feet on the ground, we talked to the field team and we go deep to understand who we are talking to. We engage people in the art of drawing, our lines bring the diversity of the group, the context.

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Karla Sessin Di Lascio

Passionate about the Amazon and its sociocultural diversity. He works for 8 years with traditional communities and training processes. He developed graphic facilitation techniques “Pé no Chão”, faced with the challenge of passing on complex subjects to communities that are not accustomed to academic and written language.

Além disso, é bióloga e mestre, ambos pela USP, e tem experiência de trabalho em países da América Latina e Europa.

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The walk of Ideologies is traced by the democratization of Graphic Design and Facilitation as a tool for autonomy and political engagement.

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If you have any ideas that we can facilitate, call us! We like challenges and are ready to serve them in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Send us a message.

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